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some artwork

Hello everybody! I scanned some really old paintings I did, thought I'd share them with you.

Unfortunatly, the scanner bed is smaller than my paintings, so the edges are cut off. Here's a couple.

One I did of Scar;

One of Steele from Balto;

There's a few more, I'll just put the links

Another one of Steele¤t=steelesnow.jpg

Scar 1¤t=scar1.jpg

Scar and Simba (although simba's head is deformed. I guess he was in a horrible accident)¤t=scar3.jpg

Zira from Simba's Pride¤t=zira.jpg

And here's one of Stitch from Lilo&Stitch¤t=stitch.jpg

The link to all the "artwork" is here;

These aren't very good but I hope you enjoy anyway. :)
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