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Balto Plushes

I have not yet talked my husband into it as of yet but bills may call for it. I am wondering if there is any interest in a pair of Balto plushes?

1. Sitting up Balto. Very good condition but has a spot of about 2" x 1" on his hip that appears to be hardened honey. Visually its not as noticeable as you would think but you can feel it. Has some age wear to fur but nothing horrible. Eyes look perfect

2. Laying Balto. Worst thing about him is someone has cut the fur on his tail in several spots but as you can see in the pics its hardly noticeable. He has a name of a former owner on his tushtag. Eyes look perfect.

All foot strings are intact, no stains other than whats mentioned.both have a little fuzz to the felt on the pawpads. I had thought that sitting balto had wire in his legs but what ever is in this sitting balto is not wire. Feels plastic.

Would anyone be interested in them and what would you be willing to pay for the pair?

Edit- Going to keep this up for now. Its not as desperate a situation that we are forced to sell them right now. Hubby says he will probably hang on to the laying Balto but is curious as to what people may offer for the sitting up one.
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