Vie (kudei_inwndrlnd) wrote in baltomania,



Recently I thought of the idea of making a rating community for my favorite animated film since I was very, very young: Balto! I have my worries about this rating comunity ever working out though because: I don't have alot of internet time to mod to often, I don't have any good programs to make stamps that people would enjoy putting in there user infos(I only have msp paint), and lastly, i worry that it might not be that popular..

But I don't want to give up just yet. I just need a few things.

1. I need a co-mod that would be willing to help. Ill let anyone take the job. Just as long as they love Balto and have the time.

2. I need a link to more screen shots. Or someone that would be willing to make a few stamps. I can make stamps too, there just not very good..

If anybody has any suggestions, that'd be great too.
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